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Anyone who enjoys taking care of their home also loves cooking. I, editor K, am the same as well. But I think there are many days when I order food or eat out with excuses that I don't have time. 😅 I was thinking of doing something at home last weekend and realized that there were 3 toast recipes. (I'm a huge bread lover.😏) When I bought them, I used to read them and cook often, but at some point, they are stuck on my bookshelf.

So I took them out for this weekend! All 3 books have easy toast recipes for homemade brunch. This weekend, I will try one of these recipes for my homemade brunch rather than going out.


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TOAST - 76 Flavors Made of Bread and Baguette

This book is written by Millie, who has been a chef at a luxury hotel in Melbourne, Australia. After returning to Korea, she has been working with various brands as a food stylist. This book presents 76 toast recipes that you can make with bread and baguettes. Each recipe has been verified by her after tried several times by herself for more than a decade.

🤩 What I like the most about the book.

1. It explains ingredients, such as bread, butter, jam, baking tools, and how to toast bread in detail. I've never thought deeply about these things. Well, it says the basics are the most important thing always. Now that I know this, there's a difference in my toast.

2. Each chapter is divided by skill level - beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so you can find recipes that fit your skill, from beginner to advanced cook.

3. Recipes with leftover bread! I was astonished that the leftover bread could be such a great dish!

🤔 Things I wish more on the book.

1. Some of the recipes for the beginner level are pretty well-known to everyone, so I wish to have more uncommon beginner's recipes.

2. I thought some of the recipes were similar because the ingredients used were a bit repetitive.

📌 Editor K's Pick!

Quattro Cheese Toast(p104) Toast topped with 4 cheese. If you like cheese pizza, you will love it.

Miso Eggplant Toast(p184) It feels like a meal with miso sauce and eggplant on top of the toast.

Marshmallow Toast(p219) Th sweet heaven! It's the best dessert ever.

Book Details

Publisher: Tastebooks (December 3, 2018)

Where to Buy: Most major book stores in Korea (Yes24, Aladdin, Kyobo Book Center, Interpark)


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