Tea Party Decorations with Paper Doilies


Stroy from PinS - Home Styling Ideas with Paper Doilies


Have you seen our latest post, "DIY Wildflowers Curtain"? (Check out here!)

Do you remember the lovely colorful lacey papers decorating the small baskets with scones and cookies on the tea table? Those are the "Paper Doilies."

In this post, we talk about the home styling idea using those beautiful papers. Try our home styling ideas with paper doilies since they can be found anywhere, at even dollar stores, and also handy. :D


▶ Read this if you...

✔ cannot go out for so many reasons, such as fine dust, yellow dust, Covid-1. And you are getting tired of being indoors every day.

✔ look for home styling ideas that you can do anywhere

✔ look for an easy DIY project that you can do even if you are not crafty.

✔ like to decorate your tables.


▶ Dye Paper Doilies ◀


What You Need
  • Bowls You can use a pie plate or other shallow dishes

  • Paper cups It is for mixing food coloring.

  • Stir sticks It is for stir the water. You can replace wooden chopsticks, spoons, or any other tools.

  • Food coloring For safety in case using on food, we recommend using edible food colorings rather than dye colors.

  • Round doilies We used a variety of sizes, but you can use only one size as well.


1. Create colors.

Fill the water in a paper cup halfway, and add food coloring.

▶ Even a few drops make vivid color on papers. So, you will have to experiment to see how much you need, adding little by little.


Here is a simple color mixing chart.

The colors vary depending on the ratio, so mix it little by little to make the color you want!


2. Mix colors.

Mix the water until food colorings dissolve thoroughly.

▶It dissolves faster in warm water.


3. Pour the colored water into the bowls.

Fill the bowl with the colored water you just mixed enough to cover the entire paper.

▶ Make sure the bowl is big enough to put papers without creases.


4. Dye the papers

Carefully submerge the paper in the water, and leave them until you get the color you desire

▶ It won't come off well if it gets on your hands or your clothes. So, use tools such as gloves ro tweezers during the process to be careful!


5. Dry the dyed paper doilies.

Once you get the colors you like, place them on a paper towel.

It would take about an hour or two for ours to dry completely.

▶ Please be careful because they can get stained each other until it dries entirely.

Once your paper doilies are completely dried,

let's make dessert holders and spring garland with DIY dyed paper doilies.✨


▶ Dessert Holders ◀

  1. Have your dyed paper doilies.

  2. Fold it in a third of the way.

  3. Fold the other third equally to make a point at the bottom.

  4. Fold the bottom up to the middle.

  5. Unfold it and fold only a small part of the bottom to hold.

  6. Insert the small folded part inside, then finish!


▶ Spring Garland◀

What You Need
  • Dyed paper doilies You can prepare various sizes, numbers, and colors as you like.

  • Glue It is for holding papers on the twines.

  • Twines It will be a string for your garland. Ribbons, threads, and other materials are also great to use.


1. Line up and place them.

Place your paper doilies and cut the twine according to the length.


2. Fold them in half.

Fold the paper doilies in half.


3. Glue them.

Glue the one-half side of the folded paper doilies.


4. Hold them on the twine.

Place the twine in the center of the papers that were folded and fold them back.