🛒Best Shop for Home Decor Items in Korea

Q. The lights in the home appliances commercials were beautiful, but I don't want the same one🤔. Where can I buy that stuff?

Recently, the number of people who take care of their house has grown a lot, just like you who's reading this article!

The more people are interested in furniture and home accessories to decorate the space, search more online for something different, and explore here and there...…

To spare you all the pain, we have the best shops where you can find trendy and stylish items for your home styling(All of the stores are in Korea.).


The first place is multibrand home decor shops at Lotte Department Store shops where you can find numerous popular imported products.

home decor shop-maison archive

Curated Home Styling Shop, MAISON ARCHIVE

It is a curated home styling shop, which opened at Lotte Department Flagship Store in April. The PinS team has been there recently, and there are lots of new brands that you can't find in any other department stores. There are also a lot of trendy goods. It's not inexpensive, but we recommend it if you're looking for something unique. New stores in Dongtanand Jamsil branch will open soon.

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home decor shop-tops maison

Premium Home Decor Shop TOPS MAISON

It's 'Tops Maison,' a premium home decor shop opened at the Lotte Department Store Incheon branch in May. They have more than 60 premium home decor brands from 15 European countries. There are many home decorations for living rooms and trendy products for adding accents in kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. You can purchase famous imported products in person instead of buying through international shipping. They say the prices are almost the same as purchasing via international stores directly, so if you've struggled wasting money and time because the products are different from photos when buying them, check out this shop.

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home decor shop-maison dongbusan

Living Brands Shopping Mall 'MAISON DONGBUSAN'

"Maison Dongbusan," a living brand shopping mall of over 145000 sq ft and two-story, opened at Lotte Department Store's Dongbsan tourist complex in June. It is Lotte Department Store's first living brand shopping mall, where you can see everything you need for the home interior at once. You will have a premium shopping experience through the showrooms created like an actual home, so you should visit there!🏃‍♀️

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The three shops introduced above are Lotte Department Store's shops, and now it is 'LINENN KITCHEN', the brand that is already well-known through word of mouth.

home decor shop-linenn kitchen


Linenn Kitchen, a store-within-a-store at Modern House(a Korean multi-brand home goods shop), is a home goods shop that offers products that contain sense in daily life and relaxation in spaces. With its loving design, they present various home products for kitchens, bedding, and homeware. They have many products creating tender home stylings, such as naturally wrinkled linen fabric with warm colors, delicate flowers embroidery, and bedding made of natural materials.

YOu can also find more about new products, decoration ideas with their products, and store information on their official Instagram, so it would be good to check it out before visiting the store.


Lastly, it is a place for those who are looking for furniture.

Home Styling Shopping Mall HOME 43 Gyeongin Branch

Home 43, which is famous for its main store in Yongin, has opened a Gyeongin store in Incheon.

The first and second floors of the 4th-floor office are showrooms and stores. The first floor displays furniture mainly for the dining and living room, and the second floor has products for bedrooms and Home 43's featured products.

What stands out at Home 43 Gyeongin Branch is the mural painted on the exterior of the building. The painting of 6m x 14m size depicts tiny craftsmen making massive furniture. It's so realistic with trick art that makes it look like there's big furniture in it in real.

It would be fun to visit with your family to see the furniture for your home on weekends and take a look at the mural.

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  • Masstige Deco

  • Otwo