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Stay-at-Home Picnic with tacos & beers


Story from PinS - Stay-at-Home Picnic with tacos & beer


In May, the story from PinS is styling tips and food for your backyard(or front yard), rooftop, or even indoor picnics. It would be a perfect day having a peaceful Stay-at-Home Picnic when the sun is warm these days, even if the breeze is still quite chilly. (We had ours on the rooftop of our office.:D)

How about spending the weekends with tacos and beer forgetting all the worries for a moment?


▶ Read this if you...

✔ love tacos and beer

✔ want to have a stay-at-home picnic but have no ideas what to do

✔ look for picnic food ideas

✔ get tired of boring days


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