🎃Best Movies for Halloween on Netflix

Halloween Movies Recommendation


Editor K's favorite day of the year is Christmas, but there is another big day before Christmas I never miss and always do something special. It's HALLOWEEN! When I was in New York, I prepared so thoroughly that I even brainstormed about my Halloween costume from September. Then on Halloween day, I wore my self-made costume and had fun with my friends at parties from afternoon to dawn. (Can I go back to that time? 😓) It's already been three years since the last time I had it. So! I have decided to enjoy this year! And I turned my office into a hunted house! (If you're curious how it turned, check it out now.)

I'm very much excited to enjoy Halloween the whole month of October after longing for years. 🤗 Now, all I need is a creepy horror movie in this eerie space! Therefore, I picked movies to boost the Halloween mood - from movies that make you frighten without any drop of blood to animations that the whole family can enjoy together. (All these movies I selected are available on Netflix.)


🎃 In the Tall Grass 👉Watch Now

2019 / Horror, Drama / TV-MA / 1h 41m

The first movie is <In the Tall Grass>. It is based on a novel by Stephen King, who is one of my favorite authors and the king of horror in this era. Stephen King wrote this novel with his son, Joe Hill. The story is about a sister and brother who entered the vast field of tall grass after hearing a child calling for help but soon realize they can't find a way out. I have saved this movie right after it was on Netflix, but somehow I haven't seen it yet. I will definitely watch it this Halloween!


🎃 Things Heard and Seen 👉Watch Now

2021 / Horror, Drama, Mystery / TV-MA / 2h 1m

<Things Heard and Seen> is a Netflix movie that came out earlier this year. A young couple living in Manhattan moved to a small rural village. The story follows a wife who feels anxious and looks for the secrets of the new house when she starts to see and experience strange things happening, and her husband begins acting off. The synopsis seems just another hunted house story, but wouldn't it be worth it to watch since Amanda Seyfried, one of Hollywood's best actresses, is in it? Editor K kindly saved this for upcoming Halloween.


🎃 Cam 👉Watch Now

2018 / Horror, Drama, Mystery / TV-MA / 1h 34m

<Cam>, a film about a cam girl whose account got hacked by someone, based on Isa Mazzei’s script from her experience. It is a gripping horror story, and it is also related to our reality to encounter personal information insecurity more often in our society, which makes this movie more disturbing.


🎃 Hush 👉Watch Now

2016 / Horror, Mystery, Thriller / R / 1h 21m

This movie, <Hush> reminds me of "Psycho" or "Scream," which are classic horror movies. It's a story that happens when a masked killer breaks in while a deaf writer retreats in a solitary cabin in the wood to work in peace. The silence of this film adds anxiety to the story. So, some people say, 'Do not watch this if you're by yourself in a cabin in the woods!' Watching funny Halloween memes made out from this movie after watching it. It will break your fear and tension!


🎃 It 👉Watch Now

2017 / Horror / R / 2h 14m