A day of Editor K☕ feat. Fingeroo

fingeroo mug blue

Hi, all. here is editor K, always working so hard with super-strong coffee to send you helpful home styling stories for your space and life. 😘

I'm going to tell you about my favorite mug and bowls, which I use every single day at work. If you have subscribed to PS Letter, you are probably familiar with it. These are Fingeroo. If you might wonder why I've been talking about this for so many weeks. Alright, let's start my day to see why then.😉


10:00 AM Arrived at the Office🏃‍♀️
fingeroo mug blue 2

As soon as arriving at work, I pick up my mug and go straight to the coffee machine. I took a two-shot today because I seriously need more caffeine. 😂 The Fingeroo mug(460ml) in the picture is pretty big in capacity, similar to the grande size of the Starbucks cup(473ml). So even if I take two shots, my coffee won't be too dark.

fingeroo mug blue 3

I am sipping my coffee in front of Stuckyi, which is growing in any direction it wants to...☕

fingeroo mug coffee

Those who have read the last interview with Jayden Park, CEO of Fingeroo, might know that all Fingeroo products are universal designs that everyone can easily hold regardless of disability. What I felt while using it is that the mug feels lighter than I expected. Although it is ceramic, thanks to the design of the handle, you can lift it without too much effort on your wrist.


1:00 PM Lunch 🍝
fingeroo range bowl pasta
fingeroo range bowl pasta2

There are many good restaurants near my office, but I'm tired of eating at the restaurant every day, so I warm lunch boxes. (I can save money, too!)

Today, we decided to have pasta and a mini hamburger lunch box that I ordered before. A bowl in the picture is a Fingeroo Rangebowl(500ml), which is just the right size for one serve. That's why I use it for lunch every day.😊

For those who eat more than me, I recommend Fingeroo Multiball(740ml).

I usually warm lunch boxes and prepared meals in a microwave, but it was so hot every time I took it out of the microwave because the container became so hot if I microwave it for more than two minutes. 🥵 But the handle of the Fingeroo bowl didn't get hot! Thanks to the cube-shaped design. Still, the bowl part can get very hot, so be careful.

After washing the dishes, stand up the bowl and dry it. 🧽

The bowl can stand, so it dries well without a pool of water and is easy for sun drying as well.


3:00 PM Meeting with Snacks 🍪
universal design

universal design2

After lunchtime, it's 3 pm when starting to get sleepy! I had a meeting with cookies and hot tea to wake me up. Due to COVID-19, I had to wear a mask during the meeting, but I could eat cookies and tea little by little!

When moving to a meeting room or other place in the office, I have to go back and forth a few times because I have a lot of stuff to carry, such as a laptop, notebook, pens, and a mug. So, I always keep my pen in the handle of the mug with tea or coffee to move around. Then I will carry one item less!

Another editor who works with me also uses the Fingeroo mug as a mouthwash cup, and she carries a toothbrush case in the handle.😁 I can not agree more that it is an all-around cup handle that can put anything, such as a fork, a pen, a toothbrush, etc.


Under the philosophy of 'Make holding hands comfortable,'

Fingeroo observes and solves inconveniences creating products that more people can use comfortably.

Fingeroo with high quality, neat design, and convenience!

You can use them in various ways, not only as a cup to hold drinks.

It is a brand that I'm looking forward to, so I highly recommend you get it before everyone else takes it.🤭