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Peek inside Editor L's Colorful Room

Editor L's Colorful Room

Hello, I'm Editor L. As I briefly mentioned in the last post, "2022 trend," I told you I was going to move in January. Finally, I moved into a new home safely, and a month passed by as tidying up a bit. There was so much stuff...😫 Even while I was disposing of numerous things, there were things I couldn't throw away. Those small items I kept are proudly placed in the corner of my room now. So, I would like to show you them this time.


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Miniature Bookends

As a semi-professional crafter who can't stay at home without doing anything, I enjoy creating things with my hands in my free time, such as building miniatures and Lego, knitting, bead crafts, and reading. One day, when I stopped by a used bookstore that sells used books and small decoratives, I found bookends. The moment I saw it, I thought, “I definitely need it!” Then, I had to buy it right away. I can't put them in between books since I don't have a bookshelf yet, but I can't stop looking at them because they are so pretty.

These bookends come with products, instructions, glues, etc., so you can make them right away without any specific preparations. And it took about an hour for me to make them. So quick, right? The best part of these bookends is that they have motion sensor lights💡, so whenever I pass by in front of the bookends, the light turns on and turns off automatically after a minute or two. There was also a Harry Potter-themed bookend (Editor L is a huge fan of Harry Potter) as well, but I just looked at it because it's expensive. I will buy it one day and decorate it with my other Harry Potter books, journals, and goods. 🛒

Miniature Bookends lights


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Cable Sleeves & DIY Desk

Before & After