Old Wooden Toys, Make It New with Eco-Friendly Paint.

Old Wooden Toys, Make It New with Eco-Friendly Paint.

Wooden Toys DIY-1

I repainted my kid's old colorful wooden toys to my style.

With soft pastel tones of new colors, my eyes(and my kid's eyes) feel more comfortable. :)

And most of all, my kids love new looks much more than before one.



These are original colors.

There are mixed wooden trains set and kids' wooden toolsets.

First, I picked out some blocks that my kid plays with the most, then shared the rest of the toys, which the kids barely touched, with my neighbors.


  • Before painting, sand them with super fine sandpaper. (I used 400 grit),

Then, I apply primer to toys --> sanding again--> final painting (I paint twice. You can do more or less depending on the colors you desired).

Wooden Toys DIY-2

  • For the box with a handle, I covered masking tape to protect the original wooden part. Then, I applied primer carefully not to paint on any joint parts by accident. After that, I painted it with eco-friendly paint.

* When you paint, paint all the corners first and paint large areas. :)^^