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Story from PinS - DIY Wildflowers Curtain


It's April already. Cherry blossoms are everywhere, and the weather is so warm even without a jacket. Even if we cannot enjoy this Spring season outside as we used to, there are still some ways to enjoy it. Just sitting by the window looking at greenish trees and cherry blossoms floating in the wind might be one of the best ways.

So, we bring home styling with flowers that deliver complete spring vibes as much as the lovely scenery through your window. Try them because it looks a lot more beautiful in real! 🤗


▶Read this if you...

✔ cannot go out for so many reasons, such as fine dust, yellow dust, Covid-1. And you are getting tired of being indoors every day.

✔ want to decorate your house to a spring atmosphere with simple ideas.

✔ look for an easy DIY project that you can do even if you are not crafty.

✔ need refreshment from your mundane daily routine.



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What You Need
  • Artificial Flowers Prepare it in various sizes and colors. We have wildflowers themed here. You can have your favorite flowers. Or cherry blossoms will be great for spring as well!

  • Curtain Rod It is for hanging the flowers. We have an adjustable tension curtain rod that doesn't require nails.

  • Scissors A pair of scissors to cut the thread into appropriate lengths

  • Invisible Thread It is for tying the flowers and can replace with other materials as you desired, such as strings or ribbons.

  • Glue gun Using a glue gun makes flowers hold on the thread securely. If you don't have a glue gun, you can tie flowers with the string itself.


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1. Tie and knot the thread to the curtain rod

Cut the threads about 1m in length and tie them to the curtain rod.

We have seven lines of thread on the rod.

Depending on the width of the window, you can have more or fewer lines.

▶ You don't have to do it with invisible thread. You can use anything you have at home, such as ribbons, strings, or other types of thread.

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2. Disassemble flowers

Separate the leaves and flower petals.

▶ Most artificial flowers are easy to disassemble by pulling with a slight force.

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3. Hold flowers securely on the thread

Put the separated flower on the thread. To do it faster and securely, use a glue gun on it. If you don't like visible glue on flowers, you can tie them on tightly. :D

▶ TIP! It's easier to put flowers on the thread if you hold the rod on the wall with masking tape. Be careful not to burn yourself when using a hot glue gun!

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4. Finish!

It's all done!

Now take the tape off that holding the rod on the wall. Hang your wildflowers curtain wherever you want.


Home Styling Ideas with Wildflowers Curtain


▶ Like a Tea Party at a Patio ◀

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Like a tea party at the patio on a spring day

We hung a wildflower curtain by the sunny window and enjoyed a tea party as if we were in the outdoor garden. Set a small table next to the window and served scones, cookies, tea sandwiches, and warm tea in Teapot. It made it a perfect home party without going out.

Oh! And papers on with scones and cookies are called "paper doilies."

We will show you various ideas to use the paper doilies in the next post. So please stay tuned. :D

▶ Perfect Photo Backdrop at Home! ◀

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For Your Instagramble Photos! Perfect Photo Backdrop at Home!

Do you know about party streamers?

A party streamer is a type of party decoration made out of long strips of paper shown in the picture.

It comes in various colors and cheap. And above all, it can be a great party photo backdrop hanging however you desired. Once you have your DIY wildflowers curtain, you can use the curtain as home decorations on regular days and then layer party streamers on the curtain for your home party on special days!


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