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Story from PinS - DIY Wall Hanging Photo Wreath

We have a couple of special days in February, such as the Chinese New Year blessing each other’s wellness and Valentine’s day sharing your love with your partner and friends giving chocolates.

In February, the month filled with love and friendship, how about gifting this embellishing DIY photo wreath with unforgettable photos or hanging it on your wall to remember delightful memories with your loved one?

Today, we are making DIY Photo Wreath brighten up a wall with your photos. Try this simple project with us to bring some vintage mood.


▶ Read this if you...

✔ want to decorate your home with memorable photos or paintings.

✔ have been looking for simple decorations rather than an expensive interior.

✔ don't want boring gifts, and want to prepare something special from your heart.

✔ are looking for items by a sunny window.



What You Need
  • Photos, Linen Ribbon

  • Burlap Lace Ribbon

  • Burlap Twine

  • Crystal Beads

  • Wood Beads

  • Mini Wooden Clothespins

  • Embroidery Hoop

  • Glue Gun

It does not need to be the same materials. Just grab whatever available that has similar textures.


STEP 1. Making Photo Frame
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1. Gather the embroidery hoop and burlap lace ribbon. Then loosen the screw and separate the inner and outer hoops. If you don’t have one, prepare any frame that holds the ribbons.

2. Have five lines of ribbons vertically. So, determine the positions for each ribbon before sticking them to the hoop.

3. Once you determine the positions, glue them on the inner hoop. By doing so, you can prevent ribbons from slipping out of the hoop when you put the hoops back together.

4. Pull the ribbons firmly to get them tight and glue the rest of them.

5. Once gluing all the ribbons, slide the outer hoop over the ribbons and inner hoop. Then tighten the screw. Your frame is done-! Now, add some decorative details.

STEP 2. Add Decorative Details
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1. Grab the linen ribbons that you have cut in proper length. If you don’t have linen ribbons, use old clothes or any fabrics you have instead. It will create more of a vintage and bohemian mood if you use colorful or patterned ribbons. Try different styles you desire.

2. Let’s add more love with crystal and wood beads. Insert the burlap twin through the hole on the crystal beads and tie them twice tightly. Wrap the end of the twine with clear tape when you insert the twin through the hole. By doing so, it is easier to put twines through the hole.

Photo Wreath-3

3. For wood beads, we will tie differently since it has a wider hole. Insert the twine through the hole. Pull up the end of the twine and tie it. Then insert the tail of the knot into the hole to make it neat. It’s done-!

Ok, we almost there!

Photo Wreath-4

4. Get the frame you made earlier and determine the position as you like. Once you find positions you like, flip over the frame. Pull through the twine from the back. Then, stick it on the hoop using the glue gun. Repeat the rest. If you have more crystal beads, it can be also a suncatcher.

Photo Wreath-5

5. Lastly, we will make a loop for hanging. Cut any twines or ribbon in about 20cm. Insert the twine through the screw part from the back. Then pull it and pass the end through the loop. Glue the ends together for hanging using the glue gun.

STEP 3. Hang Photos
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1. Gather photos or paints that you’d like to hang. Then, spread them on the frame as you wish.

2. Hold them on the ribbons using mini wood clothespins.

This easy DIY Photo Wreath with memorable photos would be a great Valentine’s day gift for your loved one. Or you can make one to decorate your space as well.


How to Decorate with DIY Wall Hanging Photo Wreath

▶ For Valentine's Day 🥰 ◀

Romantic Valentine's Day with Your Loved One

  • Decorate with photos of memories with your loved one.

  • Have a simple yet romantic time with a cute chocolate cake and wine.

Vintage Style Suncatcher 🌞◀

Hang as a Vintage Style Suncatcher by Sunny Windows

  • Use it as a home accessory putting on anything you like such as favorite paintings, postcards, stickers, etc.

  • We recommend hanging it by the sunny window.

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