Sprinkled Bendy Candles


Stroy from PinS - DIY Sprinkled Bendy Candles


Although it is still quite chilly, we can start to feel spring from the longer and warmer days. If you cannot feel lighter even after replacing the bulky winter beddings, try a simple decoration with PinS to brighten up the mood.

Even if you cannot enjoy the gorgeous sunlight and weather due to the Covid-19, there is still a great way to feel spring. Have a brunch at a table decorating with DIY candles and flowers by the sunny window. It will change your mood!


▶ Read this if you...

✔ don't like being similar to others, and want to decorate in your style.

✔ have been looking for simple decorations rather than an expensive interior.

✔ don't want boring gifts, and want to prepare something special from your heart.

✔ want to have a fun and interesting day.



What You Need
  • Taper Candles: You can find them at dollar stores, party stores, or grocery stores.

  • Container: for getting water

  • Tealight Candles: Any colored one as you like

  • Lighter: or matches to light candles

  • Box Cutter: for cutting candles



1. Soak the candles in warm water.

Fill a heat-proof container with warm water, and leave your candles in it for about 20 minutes.

The time varies depending on the types of candles and the temperature of the water. So, check them often to see how soft they are.

▶ The water should be as hot as you can handle.


2. Manipulate the candles.

Once the candles are soft enough to manipulate, start to bend each candle into your desired shape.

▶ It is easier to manipulate them while in the water since the warm water keeps them soft.


3. Flatten the bottom.

To ensure the candles can stand on their own, slice the bottom of the candles to flatten them.

▶If you have a potato peeler, consider using it. It makes it a lot easier.


4. Try various shapes.

Manipulate candles into shapes as your desired, such as bent, twisted, or any other forms.

👍 Our Pick!

If you cannot decide what shape, we recommend a twisted shape that suits many occasions and spaces.!


▶How to Twist the Candles◀

You can use a rolling pin (or jam jar) to flatten a candle while soft.

Once you’ve flattened it, slowly twist the candle.