🍁Fall Home Styling in Cottage Style

2021 Fall Trend Cottage Style

Starting to look for warmer and cozier on these chill days... It feels like fall already.🍃🍂

So, in this post, I will show you cottage home styling ideas that are perfect for the fall season.

Enjoy your day with a cup of hot coffee in your space decorated in cozy and warm cottage style.


▶ Read this if you...

✔ want to decorate your home cozier for the fall.

✔ want to change the mood at home trendy.

✔ have no idea where to start to style your home.


Cottage Style?

🍂 Cottage Style?

Cottage means a small cabin, a small house in a forest, or the countryside away from the city.

So, cottage style in the home interior means a charming and cozy characteristic of small cabins.

Alternative similar styles include Rustic Style, Granny Style, Country Style.


🍂 Floral & Botanical Patterns

What stands out the most in the cottage style is, of course, lovely and colorful patterns. The key is to layer patterned fabric or wallpaper such as tiny flowers, stripes, plaids, and botanical style designs.


🍂 Natural Materials

The cottage-style uses natural fabrics with warm and cozy textures such as knitting blankets, linen, cotton, wool textiles. It included natural-inspired materials such as wood, rattan, stone, leather, terracotta, flowers, and leaves. You can add richness and comfort by layering various materials.


🍂 Crochet

When I think of the word, 'cottage,' the image that comes to my mind is someone knitting a crochet blanket in front of a fireplace in a farmer's house in some rural area in Europe.🧶 Crochet items embrace the comfortable and modest lifestyle in a cottage.

Crochet that is tighter and more refined than knitting!

It is also one of the leading fashion trends called Cottagecore, so if you want to crochet yourself, you should check out Editor K's 'Crochet 101' post.


🍂 The Balance of Pastel and Natural Tones

The cottage-style uses mainly soft and warm pastel colors and natural tones of colors.

If you want to decorate in the cozy and charming cottage style, try warm ivory, light pink, light sky blue, light green, mint, etc. Also, if it's hard to reconstruct walls, floors, and furniture, you can use home accessories such as cushions, blankets, lugs, lights, and vases in soft pastel colors, calm gray or brown colors.


Okay! Now let's see how to decorate your space in a cottage style!🤗


🍂 Adding Vintage Touch to the Cottage Mood

We can't leave vintage styles out of cottage style!

Flowers in old tins of candy and spices, trays with your signature recipes... Those show the perfect cottage mood from the entrance as soon as you enter the house. They would be more special and unique with items you made yourself.

Placing a letter or postcard on an old plate or tray would be as beautiful as using pages tearing off the cookbook.

Living Room

🍂 Home Styling with Crochet Blanket and Various Fabrics

Layer fabrics in different textures, such as crochet, floral, botanical, plaid, linen sofa cover, and more.

It not only adds coziness and warmth to the comfortable sofa but also gives a cottage touch.

TIP) Be bold with a variety of patterns and materials.


🍂 Painted Wooden Furniture, Lovely Flowers, and Vases

Focus on a table in the kitchen. Apply adhesive vinyl sheets on a kitchen to create woodlike textures. Or paint your furniture with bright color paint to make it look old used for a long time.

If painting is a bit too much for you, you can place a striped or plaid table runner to create a cottage-style touch.

Don't forget to put some flowers, pots, terracottas, ord glass bottles in delicate colors rather than green plants!🤗


🍂 Accent Walls

Create an accent wall with floral patterns in your bedroom. There are many removable wallpapers, so it's simple to do and a great way to get a huge outcome with such a little effort. 🥰

But what if it is impossible to put new wallpaper? There are alternative ways to create similar effects, which is hanging curtains. Hanging curtains near the bedhead is an efficient way to decorate the wall, just like an accent wallpaper.


If you've thought that it is a bit tricky to decorate your home in cottage style,

try it this fall because it's not difficult at all.

And imagine enjoying a cup of warm tea

sitting in a farmhouse somewhere in Europe, away from the city.☕