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Tiny & Cute Home Decorations to Make Christmas Dreams Come True

Hello, It's Editor L.

Do you have any activities or favorite things you always do every Christmas?

I always watch movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Grinch on Christmas. I have been a huge fan of fairy tales, fantasy movies, and fiction novels since I was little. That might be why I love Christmas movies to see magical creatures like elves, not human beings. And, I found something that will make my Christmas dream come true at Ikea at an affordable price!

Ikea 2021 vinter christmas elf door

It includes a wooden door, mailbox, and stool. How adorable it is!

It is for kids, but it doesn't matter to Editor L. I put it on my shopping cart and completed the payment, and now, it is on its way to me.😏 While I was looking for where and how to decorate my room and offer it to the elves, I thought it would be good to share it with you as well. So I brought some of my favorites.


[ 1 ]
The Elf's Door Might be Somewhere in Northern Europe
Nordic style elf door


I recommend this idea if your house is minimal style with white tones and light-colored wood, like an elf's house somewhere in Northern Europe. Miniature accessories might not be easy to find at local stores. But you can see items, such as snow frost trees and tiny snowmen at the Flying Tiger Copenhagen and Express Bus Terminal Flower Market(in Korea), where we visited for Christmas shopping. Those are also available online. Christmas Decorations to Buy in 2021 (Read)


[ 2 ]
The Elf's Door Taking Christmas Seriously
classic Christmas elf door