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Vintage-Style Christmas Party at the Cabin in the City

Vintage Christmas Table Styling

Hello. It is Editor L.

Have you read 'Christmas Decorations to Buy in 2021' from Editor K? We had a small Christmas party with all the decorative items we bought last month and ornaments that editor K has collected for a long time. In this article, I will share every detail of how and where we had our early Christmas.


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Table Styling - Decorating with Items Look Like Taken Out of an Old Cabin
Vintage Christmas Decorations


Editor K and I chose the theme of this Christmas party as 'Vintage Christmas at an Old Cabin.' So, we brought Christmas decorations and ornaments we've collected and new-bought items.

Vintage Christmas Table


The key to this Christmas party is a rustic cabin style decorating with clumsy hands. So we just tossed ornaments you don't even know how old they are, wood candle holders, colorful string lights, and old-fashioned decorations between food and wine.😁

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