Home styling content platform, “PinS”

We believe that home is not only a place to rest,

but it is another hidden part of ourselves.

With PinS, anyone represents oneself by creating tiny changes in ordinary space. We will deliver a new lifestyle that allows you to experience pure joy in your day.

Decorate your home splendidly as if you own it.

The first thing that comes to mind would be construction and renovation when thinking of interiors.

With the efforts of numerous companies, the interior has come much closer to our lives, and there are various ways to decorate a space with a small budget. However, for those who do not own a house, renovation is a pipe dream. So, they keep dreaming and saying, "maybe, one day......" clicking likes on someone's beautiful home on social media.

So, PinS offers easy ways to decorate a space without construction or renovation, sharing tips and ideas of diverse home styling creators. We help all of you who dream of living in a delightful home decorate your own space.


Recommend optimized content and products for you.

Those who decorate spaces rely on their lifestyle and taste to pursue what is worth for themselves PinS recommends content and creators that suit the lifestyle and taste.

We provide personalized curation based on AI technology to reduce the inconvenience of wasting time and effort to choose the right one amid the overflow of information and products.


Provide trendy yet distinctive products and services.

Have you looked around social media and shopping malls for days to decorate your space differently from others? But, eventually, you bought just the most popular item? Or have you ever tried DIY crafts to create something extraordinary but given up because it is complicated and challenging to do?


PinS avoids mass-produced products with their popularity and introduces products and services that creators have tried, verified, or made.

Create a home styling community we build together.

PinS' online community allows users and creators to share their thoughts and opinions on home styling.

It will be a space where you can unobstructedly communicate. Through here, users can instantly meet various content and products. Creators will be able to interact with users quicker and closer and share their ideas.

PinS hopes to create a home-styling community that we build together and enjoy every day.