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365 days a year.

Seasons change and the memories are so colorful, but do you have always the same 'day' every day?

Editors and creators who relish diverse and fun days every day gather to share with you how to brighten your day as you wish.

Experience the happiness of everyday life through 'small changes in an ordinary space' through PinS.


Eating, spending days, and decorating spaces for each season are her happiness and the reason for life.

She writes articles on PinS, and directs planning and publishing of all articles.

She loves <Granny Chic> and <Mid Century Modern> stlye.

Eileen Jung Ah KIM

​Editor K


She loves creating new things and looks for different hobbies all the time.

She writes articles on PinS and manages all of the content design.

Her favorite style changes from time to time, but she never loses her interest in <Maximalist> with colorful objects.

Editor L

Larry Hye Jin KIM